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Week 2 in my organisation mini series! Last week I shared with you my to-do lists... the only way of keeping track of the gazillion things that I'm supposed to be doing at any given time!!

This week I wanted to share the planner that I use to plan out my blog.

To create my planner, I used a plain, hardcover journal. I covered it in some pretty paper to make it look a bit nicer! Then, using some scrapbooking paper, I created some dividers to put inside of it. Think about what you need to plan out and how many dividers you need. I have 6 - Calendar, To-Do, Ideas, Advertising, Giveaway's and Shop.

I traced the size of my journal, and cut out 6 dividers, leaving a tab that stuck out past the pages. Decide how many pages you need for each section before you glue them in the journal!

I printed out monthly mini calendars that fitted on each page. These help me plan out each month on the blog - I put in any posts that are regulars (eg. Living Life Your Way Interviews & 52 Lists) and it means I can see what is going where, making sure that I don't have too many 'big' posts in one go and spread it all out nicely!

Advertising, I use note down which blogs I'm sponsoring each month (esp useful if I purchase a multiple month deal). Also I keep a track of sponsors on my blog, their button size, links, giveaway/guestpost info, if they are repeat sponsors, etc.

Giveaway - I note down what I am giving away where, and also keep a list of any giveaways on my blog each month too.

I use the 'Ideas' section to map out posts, I can write ideas down when they pop in my head - and keep track of what I'm thinking.

Shop - I mainly use this just to keep a track of coupon codes now. After I made this planner I realised I needed a seperate folder for my etsy shop, doh!

If I'm feeling extra organised - or my poor brain is on the verge of giving up, I'll use this weekly blog planner also. There is a To-do section for that week, an Idea's section, as well as space to note down posts for each individual day. Click on the image to get a full size ready to print!

I'd be lost if I didn't write every little thing down!!! I have so much info swirling around my head... it all gets muddled up if I don't keep a tight check on it all!!

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  1. earth_natMay 12, 2011

    This is a great idea Polly. I've just started a completely new blog and I'm determined to make it more special than the last one. I'd never thought about planning ahead for my blog until recently but now it makes perfect sense. I think there's a possibility that an organised approach to blogging could have a positive effect on my daily life. Everything feels like it's slotting into place now. I love the notebook idea and that it's totally customisable.

    Talie xxx


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