Shoutout for June Sponsors

It's that time of the month again... and right now sponsor spots are still free!! 

These are your options:

Large Ad's

Intro post with only 1 other sponsor
Take part in a sponsor Giveaway
Optional Guest Post
Lots of link love through the month

Small Ad's

Group Intro Post
Guest Post Spot
Lots of link love through the month!

How it works:
  • Ad's go up on the 1st of the month, and stay till the end of that month (you can stay up for as long as you like, I just ask that you either sponsor a giveaway (large ad) or write a guest post (small ad) for each month your button is up)
  • Ad's will be rotated weekly amongst same size ads.
  • All sponsors will be featured in a welcome post during the first two full weeks of the month.

Blog Stats:
  • As of today (16/05/2011) I have 341 google friend connect followers (grown by over 100 in the last month!)
  • I have 328 subscribers through a google based reader
  • Currently, I am recieving over 6500 page views a month - with an average of 250 page views a day
  • I tweet and use facebook daily to promote new posts, tutorials, sponsors, giveaways etc
  • I blog at least once every day on average (sometimes more!)

If you are interested then please email me to work the details out!

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