Saturday Sun

So glad Blogger finally sorted itself out & we're back in action! When it came back yesterday, the post I'd scheduled to go up yesterday had vanished - but is back this morning, so I'll put that up as next week's list now! Oh well!!

It's been a funny ol' week... rainy one minute then hot the next. We've gotten soaked countless times, having left the house dressed for the sun that was shining, only for it to rain on us! I've been busy getting set for Miss Lola's 8th Birthday tomorrow!!! 8!! Crazy. I'm praying the rain holds off as she's having a BBQ party - and invited way too many kids! 30 at the last count- eeek.

Thursday evening, it was sunny and dry so we decided to have a fire in the garden. It's always fun to sit around a fire - I love the smell of woodsmoke :) Girls had a great time, digging and having sack races!

I'm in the middle of a mini shop update too - the cream doily necklace below (HERE) and the birdnest necklace (HERE) are already listed. The others as well as the flower earrings will go up at the beginning of next week.

I'll be back this afternoon with a  winner for my Pinwheel Necklace Giveaway - I had to delay it by a day due to Blogger's problems!

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  1. Just found your blog--I'm a fellow button swapper over at Searching for Serendipity.  I absolutely love your doily necklaces!  So original and lovely.  I will be heading over to your shop immediately!  Have a great weekend :) 

  2. Just visiting from Searching for Serendipity as a fellow sponsor! 
    Your doily necklaces are to die for!  So original and lovely.  I'm heading over to your shop immediately.  Have a great weekend :) 

  3. Deer Little fawnMay 15, 2011

    Lovely pics! You must be the coolest mama ever! I like those doily necklaces! Very pretty! :) xx


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