Wednesday Wisdom

No outfit post this week... I'm having a funny one, not feeling on top form, or like posing for photographs.

Yesterday was one of those days when nothing went right. The girls argued all day long... and drove me crazy! Everything I attempted went wrong. I could quite happily have walked out the front door and ran far away :(

But here I am, and it's a brand new day. I keep reminding myself of the quote above. Sometimes things have to be difficult so that we can move on and break through to the other side.

I need to remind myself of why I blog and craft. It's all to easy to get sucked into doing things because we think we should, trying to hit targets, trying to second guess what others want. So, I'm reminding myself that this blog is for me... if others like it then great! But I want this blog to be authentic to me. The same for the things I make. I create because I love to, because I can't imagine a life without making things, because I need to use my hands to make something.

Fingers crossed that today is a better day than yesterday!!

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  1. JoyfulsparrowMay 25, 2011

    I agree- it's easy to get caught up in working your craft for others only. But the real joy of it comes from doing it for yourself. The icing on the cake comes when others admire and appreciate what you've created.

    Happy Wednesday, Polly!

  2. I hope it is a better day, Polly! 

  3. Mannarhea.blogspot.comMay 25, 2011

    I've had a very similar week. it can get so difficult sometimes to stay on top of what makes you happy. i feel myself getting stressed with not getting as many readers. i have to breathe and remind myself that i started this for me.. no one else.

  4. That is so true, it is easy to get lost in this e-world. I recently had that discovery that I started blogging for me, and need to keep reminding myself that, and not worry about the readership quite as much as I sometimes do!


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