Monday Meditations

a meditation to guide me this week.....

Relax, close your eyes and go inside yourself. Slow your breathing down, and feel yourself melting into the floor.

Imagine that you're walking down a beautiful path. A storm is clearing and there is a rainbow in front of you. You stand underneath it and feel it's warm, bright light filling you with joy.
You are connected to all life. You are a rainbow too.

"You are strong and safe.
You are happy and playful.
You are proud and confident.
You are kind and caring.
You are honest and truthful.
You are clever and creative.
You are a good friend."

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  1. I Love meditation and Never have enough time to do as much as I need, with 3 boisterous boys! This will help
    me. Thank you so much.

    It helps my creativity and happiness and is then passed on to everything and one I encounter on that day.

    Love your blog (kiss)


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