list 7: things i've learnt as a parent

  • It's all about the bubbles! I wish anything made me as happy as blowing and chasing bubbles makes my girls!

  • Being there for your children is worth more than anything money can buy

  • they grow up far too fast, so enjoy them while you can

  • they don't need expensive toys, give them a cardboard box and watch their imagination get to work

  • follow your intuition... accept advice but ultimately learn to trust yourself

  • turn the volume up, the lights down and dance like crazy in the living room

  • listen... everything can be worked out if you take the time to listen to what they're trying to tell you

  • read, read, read....every single day

  • offer chopped up fruit to make 'fruit faces' for a snack and they'll devour the lot

  • there's always time for a hug and an 'i love you'

  • create your own family traditions

  • sometimes cake for breakfast is ok!

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  1. yes, what is it with the cardboard boxes? my kids love a good box too..they make them into racecars, boats, castles,you name it!
    that's a great list!


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