chucks >>>>

finally! we have our chickens :) after a long wait, we picked them up on saturday. we opted to re-home some ex-battery hens, give them a new life and a loving home {unless they are re-homed they send the chickens they no longer want to slaughter}. six girls are settling into their new home, they're all a little bald but a couple of weeks and they'll be lovely and feathery again. they seem happy in the house that my mr built in the summer. we have a temporary run for them, while they adjust to their new found freedom - once they've settled in they will have the run of our woods.

the kiddos are super excited - they've spent a lot of time watching them all, and seem to know which is which, something i've yet to master. their names are: belinda, betty, lily, jezebel, junebug and ju ju bee :) we've had four eggs already. the cats are still a little unsure as what to make of these newcomers.

we're slowly turning into a petting zoo - three cats, three guinea pigs and now six chickens..... i'm thinking ducks or a goat next :p

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  1. Yay!

    And get a goat next, that'd be fun!

  2. Our first chickens were rescue hens, it's a joy to watch them bloom and enjoy their new found freedoom. Our cats and hens have a healthy respect for each other!!! except when hennies try and come in the cat flap!!
    Hope all is well

  3. I am totally loving this. I've seriously been thinking of getting chicken (for the sole purpose of giving them a better life) and if I get eggs out of it, nice.

    Such a great experience for the kids too. I'll be reading to find out how it all goes!


  4. Congrats - you'll love them. We have 4 ourselves and they all have very distinct personalities!

    We have 3 khaki campbell ducks too - they're laying machines! Right through the Winter as well!

    Hopefully we'll add some goats next year - then we'll have our own milk/cheese/yoghurt!

  5. Very cool! I would house some chickens if I lived in the country. Congrats on giving them a happy new home.


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