christmas is coming >>>>

we'd planned to put our christmas decorations up this weekend. i woke up on saturday feeling awful. sore throat, migraine, achey body... exhausted. combination of a couple of months stress, not looking after myself, etc. i managed to get miss lola to her shopping party (!) and home again, then the kiddos let me have a two hour nap. thankfully sunday came and i felt a little better. we decided to get out sunday and headed up to a local christmas market. the kiddos saw santa, and real life reindeer!! it was pretty sweet. hopefully we'll get our decorations up today or tomorrow, then i'll be sure to share some pictures on here!! 

hope you all had a good weekend - have you got your decorations up yet?

1. santa 2. reindeer nose! 3.hot mulled cider for mama 4. reindeer :)

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  1. As always, lovely pics. :)

    I haven't put up all my decorations yet. Only have the tree up at this point. Definitely going to have everything done this week!

  2. Lovely pictures :- ) She is so adorable!

    We decorated our house last night:- ) I usually don't put them up until two weeks before Christmas, but, as we're all students, we obviously won't be here for actual Christmas day, so we put them up a lot earlier so we can actually enjoy them.

    Xx. Emma @ ever--so.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Hi,

    Not yet, next weekend hopefully, P's 11 tomorrow so we always try and celebrate his birthday first - then Christmas.
    Lovely photos

  4. That reindeer is so cute!
    Unfortunately I am moving right before Christmas so no decoration for me yet ):

  5. Favourite Christmas song ever!

  6. Christmas decor is up at my place, it makes me feel so happy!

  7. No decorations up yet--trying to think of some clever ideas for "toddler-proof" ones. Love the reindeer nose--and the real reindeer!!

  8. So much pretty! We do have our holiday decor up, I posted about it on my blog if you want to take a look!

    PS. Love that song by She and Him!

  9. Came upon your blog and love that you are a homeschooling mama of three like me! Peace be with you

  10. No decorations yet around my house. That's probably because I don't want to buy any, so I've decided to make them... eeeeeep. So much work to do! So little time.

    I hope you're feeling better.

  11. Hello, found your blog through lunevintage,love your pictures! I have yet to put up my Christmas decorations, although the lights are all hung outside, but will be working on it this week!

  12. No Christmas decoration yet! I have to move on! Nice blog!

  13. Hello! I found your blog through Marissa Moondaughter, and I am most glad I did!

    I have yet to set up for Christmas, but going through your blog has definitely given me a few ideas! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


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