by the sea >>>>

wednesday we snatched a couple of hours by the sea. there's something magical about her powers. soothing and calming, she centres me and makes me feel whole. i long to live close to her, to wake to her beauty and fall asleep to her soothing sounds.

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  1. Beautiful pictures, love the colours!

    xoxo, Femke
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  2. Oh how pretty, you're lucky to have something so gorgeous near you.

  3. Lovely, looks so tranquil, the sea really is so soothing for the soul x

  4. I totally agree. The ocean has always felt like home to me :)

  5. Beautiful photo's. I love the sea but I long to live in a forest...hmm, maybe a forest that leads down to the sea :) x

  6. You and me both, Polly. My favorite elements are air (mainly wind) and water. I love, long for and lust over water - puddle, pond, river, lake, ocean... I love them all.

  7. What a magical place! It looks like the perfect setting for a movie.

    Hope you have a wonderful week! ;D


  8. Oh I just love these! My husband and I have both been to beaches but never together so every time I see cute ocean scenes I feel a sudden urge to run off and sink our toes in the sand together!


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