what i wore // a new 'do

i *finally* went through with it and dyed my hair! i've been thinking about it for months.... but never quite could make my mind up. in the end i jsut went for it and stuck some black on there! it's been three years of red hair and it was time for a change... time to mix it up. the reds still on the ends {for now} though i'm thinking of switching that for a different colour at some point.. perhaps turquoise.

it's going to take a little getting used to - i got a shock the first morning when i looked in the mirror ha! but so far i'm loving it - i had really itchy feet {hair?!} for a change and i'm glad i finally did it! what do you think??

dress: handmade
cardigan: primark
tights: ???
boots: thrifted
necklace: thrifted!!
doesn't the Mr look thrilled to be dragged into my photos?!
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  1. hahah love the Misters face :) you look really cute, turquoise sounds sooo good!

    Zoe xx

  2. oooh, love the idea of turquoise down the line! that would look fab!

    heh, your mister reminds me of mine - he hates being in photos!

  3. you look SO adorable and i totally love the new hair!!!

    1. :) thanks love!! i'm digging my new hair!

  4. The dark hair really suits you.

  5. Looks great! Your so pretty! :)
    I love your top/necklace too!

  6. i really like it! especially with the red on the ends. these are really pretty pictures :) x

  7. It's AMAZING!!! I'm quite jealous. Good for you, for being brave, friend!!! <3 Also, your outfit = so cute!

  8. So cute. I did the black hair with red tips for a while. So much easier to maintain than all over red!

  9. love the black its always good to change!

  10. ooo love your hair! and your outfit! and the bunting! lovely.x

  11. haha, you and your boy look great! your hair is lovely. :) I really like the little triangles too, very cute. :)


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