slow down

i'm finally feeling a little more human, after a couple of days struck down with a stomach flu. thankfully the littlest two kiddos have been fine, as has the mr - just miss lola and i who've been sick. two days on the sofa and we're starting to get over it. it's hard being ill and still having kiddos to look after - they've been fantastic and have let me rest lots. still - we all have a bit of cabin fever now - we're off to catch some bands this afternoon, there's been a little music festival on here the past few days, i got a free wristband but have been too ill to see anything so far :(

the best thing about being ill {if there is one}?? being forced to slow down. normally we're rushing from one thing to the next, i'm juggling my many roles - mama, wife, blogger, small business owner, crafter, home schooler, etc that there is no time to just 'be'. i'm going to rearrange my priorites a little and make time to just be, to do nothing but have fun and enjoy the moment. the last couple of days have shown me that the world will not end if things don't get done straight away!

hope you all have plans for a great weekend! here are a couple of links this weekend:

carly wrote a fantastic post on loving yourself how you are

i found a new{to me} blog that i am so in love with

i need to make me some of these frozen yogurt drops

and also these peach-berry muffins

happy saturday!!!

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  1. I love that picture! Everything about it is so true! We all do tend to rush through life forgetting to just enjoy the little moments.
    I'm glad you're feeling better :)

  2. I love this picture! I think it is so true! This is really something I needed to read today!
    Hooray for feeling better!

  3. This post is oh so, so true. I've been working on slowing down. Normally, I am full of to-do's which cause only anxiety and if I do not accomplish them, negativity. Both mental AND physical. Unless it's life or death, or something that has a dead line (such as a bill, etc.) there is no reason to RUSH. You can only do your best, take care of yourself and make your time work for you - ya know???

    Such a sweet lesson, lovely!

  4. Thanks so much for including my blog in such a sweet post! I hope your stomach flu is gone for good soon.

  5. True dat ... tis so important to just 'be' but we never normally think to prioritise it huh? I'm amazed at all the balls you manage to keep in the air. I love the way illness comes along to remind us to slow down and take good care. X


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