hello lovelies... i hope you all had a great easter sunday. the easter bunny was very good to us and brought us all lots of yummy treats :) as well as my mum being here for the weekend, the mr's sister and her husband came on yesterday. we had a delicious roast dinner together, then skyped my big brother who lives in california. the whole day was full of chocolate eating too!! {i can hear the cross trainer calling me now though ;) }

here's a few peeks into our world the past week through my instagram feed {welcome android users!! you can find me on there @thisenchantedpixie or you can view my feed here}

birthday fire / party time
tinkerbell / dressing up blythe
me / danish pastry
vinyl love / thrifty find
gramsies here / making easter crowns
crispy cakes / bathtime
easter goodies / skyping family in the US

p.s the winner of foley fam giveaway is Carla Geates

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