Saturday Sun


Happy Saturday Guys - I'm feeling like a zombie today, I had a bad bout of insomnia last night, coupled with an early wake up (thanks Baya!!!) I'm gonna need a tonne of coffee to get myself moving!

At least we've got blue skies this morning... friends of ours are getting married today – I'm so excited for them :) We're all getting dressed up and heading to the church this afternoon, and then on to a hotel for the evening do! It's fun to have an excuse to get all dolled up!

Plus, on Tuesday, it'll be mine and the Mr's 9th wedding anniversary - I can't believe 9 years have gone by!

I have a tonne of new stuff to list in the shop, having had no internet, I've gotten kinda behind and out of the loop. This is the week that I catch back up!!!!

Hope you all have fun plans for the weekend - I'm still playing catch up - but it's so good to be back online at last!


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  1. Have fun at the wedding and enjoy getting all dolled up!! Still have to catch up as well! Hugs xxx


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