Sunday Sun

I got a parcel in the mail yesterday. I won a giveaway over at Searching for Serendipity for a unique embroidered wall art. It arrived this morning, and I love it so much! Kami also included a super cute flower ring... I am one happy pixie! I love snail mail. Here it is:

And here are a couple of photos of me ;-) (and why not???!)

Baya saw me posing and wanted to join in!!!
Jeans and top: thrifted
Cardi: Primark
Headband: no idea!!!


  1. awesome giveaway prizes!! That Kami rocks!!
    & YOU are adorable!

    p.s. i am going to come steal your curtains!

  2. aw thanks lady!!!

    Those curtains are great aren't they??? They belonged to my grandmother-in-law :)


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