List 29: Valentine Date Night Idea's

4If you're looking for some ideas for a cheap and fun date night for Valentine's - here's some suggestions for you!

one: Build a fort 


Build a fort like this one, snuggle up inside with some dreamy music on, hot chocolates and some scrummy nibbbles to munch on.

two: movie night


pick your favourite movie or two,  pop some corn and snuggle up together

three: have a fancy dinner party


set the table, dim the lights, burn some candles, get dressed up, make your favourite foods, 
and pretend you're at a fancy restaurant!

all images found via Pinterest

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  1. I'm digging the fort idea! I could round up all the extra sheets, find a strand of old christmas lights, grab every pillow in site and make one corner of the living room into a big fluffy tent.

    Hi, by the way (:



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