A day out to Chester

We were meant to go to Liverpool yesterday, for a workshop at the World Museum... but Miss Baya kept me awake half the night, so we ended up sleeping in and not getting up in time to make it. Oops!!! So instead we headed to nearby Chester for the day. Had a picnic, a walk around the shops and a look at the museum there.

I spent a fortune in paperchase - gah! Why do they have to make everything so cute??! And found a couple of bargains in the charity shop too. We all had a great day out... and will be going to Liverpool in a couple of weeks instead!!

Here are some photos from our day:

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  1. Oh, goodness, I know what you mean about Paperchase! I really have to limit how often I go in, so I don't spend all of my money for the semester in there.


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