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Happy Saturday guys! Hope you've all had a great week, and are having a fun weekend too :) My weeks been pretty hectic... I'm hoping for some sunshine this weekend so that I can take some photos in the clothes that I've made this week.

Today I'm having a tidy up and rearrange session in Lola and Kiki's bedroom. I've finally gotten around to buying two new wardrobes for them. I've taken down the fa;ling down hanging rail, and gotten rid of the broken chest of drawers..... I always loved rearranging my bedroom as a kid... and still love it now too! I can't believe how many clothes these girls have... along with all the rest of their things! I think we need a bigger house. What plans do you have for your weekend?

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Pansy Lane

 Pirate Silhouette - 9 x 12 print
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Enjoy your weekend

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