List 23: Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas Eve is a magical time, so much excitement from 3 little girls, thrilled that at last it's almost Christmas and Santa will be here at last! We like to make the day extra special, full of things we do every year. Here's our Christmas Eve Traditions.

  • Read 'Twas the night before Christmas'

  • Hang up our stockings round the fireplace

  • Fill our tummies with a hot chocolate (complete with cream and marshmallows)
  • Sprinkle some reindeer food outside
  • Girls watch 'The Muppets Christmas Carol'
  • and when they've gone to bed we watch 'It's a Wonderful Life'

  • We always leave some mince pies out for Santa (and a glass of rum too)

 I hope your Christmas Eve is full of magic. What special things do you do on Christmas Eve?

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