our weekend..

We've had a great weekend, my niece came down from London on Friday night. Having not seen her for over a year we had a lot of catching up to do!!!

We went out for a wander round some shops and a bite to eat on saturday, then came home where the girls kept her busy colouring in and reading!

Saturday night, Roxanne and I watched 'The Time Travellers Wife' which I've been waiting to see for ages, loved the book and the film was pretty good in comparison!

This morning we went to a car boot in the underground carpark of a local shopping centre - did seem a little strange not being in a muddy field! I did manage to find a few bargains however. We stopped at starbucks on the way back for a much needed caffeine boost.

The girls (and I) were a little sad to wave her off on her train tonight - does make me wish we weren't so far away from everyone!

And now... after a busy weekend, and two late nights... I'm off for a soak in the bath and (hopefully) a BIG sleep! x x

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