Giveaway at "Walk Slowly, Live Wildly"

Sara from "Walk Slowly, Live Wildly" is offering the chance to win a copy of “Not So Fast: Slow Down Solutions for Frenzied Families”  by Ann Kroeker.

“Life is not a sprint. Yet, we live in the land that values and even glorifies speed — mind numbing, adrenaline-churning, distracting, dangerous speed. And few families can sustain that pace over the long haul. Those that try end up with indicators that it’s time to slow down. Is that pace of life inevitable? I don’t think so, because as I look to Christ and try to discern in Scripture His pace, there’s something I can’t help but notice. Jesus never seemed to be in a hurry.”
-Excerpt from Not So Fast, by Ann Kroeker

If you'd like to be entered into the giveaway go here to read Sara's post and leave a comment!

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