Papier Mache

another rainy day here, so after thinking about what we could do that didn't involve getting wet agian, i thought that as lola and kiki both have an abundance of 'things' (jewellry, notes, pretty girlie things!) and they both love baskets/bowls (wonder who they get that from?!?) i thought it'd be fun to make them each a papier mache bowl

'papier mache' is french for 'chewed up paper' - hmm, doesn't sound quite so nice put like that! it dates back hundreds of years (for more history on papier mache go here)

so, we got our bowls, our adhesive (2 parts glue to 1 part water) lots of ripped up newpaper and  some clingfilm, put on our aprons and set about making a mess and having some fun!

all ready to start!

after we'd finished the bowls, we still had some paper left, so we made some beads, by wrapping a piece of paper around a straw. kiki needed some help as these were rather fiddly to do!

beads and bowls drying

now we just have to wait until they're all dry so we can paint and decorate them!

i found this site here that has some helpful advice about papier mache, as well as tutorials for various things to make.


  1. Rainy day here too, but we've been out slug catching and weeding.

    In the past we made some masks by sticking papier mache onto one side of an inflated balloon. That was pretty cool.

  2. LOL we did the slug catching yesterday!

    i've made masks before too - might have to try that one with the girls next!!


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