29 Things

 So, I'm 29! Last year of being a 20 something. Taking inspiration from Tara and Andrea here's my list of 29 things I want to do this year. also i love ShaktiMama's list here. how about you? what's your list for the year?


I want this year to be a year of self-discovery, a year of fun, and a year conscious living.
  1. Allow myself to be who I am, in full colour (I'm  learning to do this)
  2. Leave messages of love in random places (inspired by this)
  3. Pursue my art (ongoing)
  4. Live for now
  5. Play!
  6. Have a midnight picnic
  7. Have a hammock in my garden
  8. Paint my plaster cast of my belly and breasts
  9. Swim in the sea
  10. Lie in the grass, look at the sky, and feel the wind.
  11. Lighten up (I've lightened up soooo much!!!!)
  12. make my own affirmation cards
  13. Ride a horse again
  14. Make playlists on my ipod for my everchanging moods
  15. Make paper boats to sail on the river
  16. Create a magic jar 
  17. Get a new tattoo
  18. Take the train to see my sister
  19. Say what I think. Ask for what I want.
  20. learn to love myself.
  21. throw more parties
  22. Say 'YES' more
  23. find forgiveness.
  24.  Use my sewing maching more
  25. Write real paper letters to people rather than emails
  26. Learn to play a song on my guitar (changed my mind on this one, so many other crafty things to do!!!)
  27. Meet in person some of my 'online friends'
  28. Re-read 'Wild Swans'
  29. Dance in the rain

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  1. Amazing List! -I know I'm commenting on a major old post but I have settled in for a read-through! and I really love this list!! :)


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